Welcome to a whole different realm where fashion, glamour, and an opulent way of life embellishes the world. FashionTV has nurtured fashion into a global phenomenon. A space that inspires and adorns fashion enthusiasts with the power of media. Moreover, to further the brand’s purpose, FashionTV is now collaborating with aspiring entrepreneurs to launch multiple businesses in various fields by franchising, licensing, events, media,concepts and city partnership.



Through a vast and complex network of investors, FashionTV possesses a vision to make its mark in the nation serving mutual benefits to the brand along with its affiliates.


In alliance with our affiliates we aspire to spread our wings across the globe through invention, inspiration and initiative.


FashionTV always aims to thrive and grow using FTV’s one of a kind business model by offering countless remarkable opportunities to our partners.

Key Facts

  • FashionTV is the first fashion channel in the world with 250 million viewers in 193+ countries.
  • It broadcasts the latest news and information about fashion, luxury, and lifestyle to over 100 million households and over 10 million public places across five continents.
  • FashionTV is the fourth most distributed channel in the world with 250 cable satellites, 500 million households, 7 million in public places, and 10 million public TV sets in public places.
FTV Jewellery
FTV Jewellery

Unique Selling Point

FashionTV is an exclusive fashion and lifestyle media entity boasting an idiosyncratic business model with a unique selling point.

  • Massive Profits
  • 360 degree support
  • Brand Equity Leverage
  • Strong Linkages
  • Global Presence
  • Exhilarating Events
  • Ubiquitous Promotions

Social Media

FTV launched into social media with a ton of multi-genre content. On Facebook, FashionTV has a total fan base of over 5 million users. Our Facebook page has more than four million+ likes and gets 12 million+ views per week. FashionTV’s YouTube channel gets 65 million+ views.On Instagram, FashionTV has 300k+ followers and also has 125k+ organic reach per month.

FTV Jewellery